Boilermakers are the engineers behind the scenes responsible for keeping our living spaces comfortable and our businesses productive. They design, build and maintain boilers which are essential to ensure heat, hot water, and safe working conditions. Boilermakers don’t just make boilers however, they also fabricate and weld all kinds of metal structures and materials! Boilermakers work in all kinds of industries including health care, education and hospitality. Read this blog post to learn more about boilermakers and what they do.

What does a boilermaker do?

  • A boilermaker is a skilled craftsperson who constructs, installs and repairs boilers, tanks, structures and other large vessels that are used to store liquids and gases.
  • Boilermakers must have extensive knowledge of welding, mathematics and metalworking skills in order to accurately shape the materials into components for their projects.
  • In addition, they must understand industry regulations in order to ensure that their work is safe for use.
  • Depending on the project, a boilermaker may be required to read engineering drawings, cut metal plates for lining tanks, calculate dimensions of components and weld parts together.

What does a boilermaker…make?

  • A boiler is a vessel or container in which water is heated, steam is generated, or both, for heating and other industrial purposes.
  • Boilers are typically fuelled by natural gas, oil, electricity, coal, biomass or a combination of these sources. They are used for a variety of applications from heating to power generation.
  • Boilers are also used in industrial processes like distillation, sterilisation and food processing.
  • Boilermakers use a variety of tools and techniques to assemble components like tanks, pipes, valves, pumps, heat exchangers, and various other pieces that are necessary for reliable boiler operation.
  • Additionally, these boilers must be installed in such a way that they follow safety protocols and comply with all regulations set by any concerned authorities.
  • Boilermakers have the critical task of ensuring that these boilers are designed and fabricated correctly so that they can provide many years of safe operation.
  • Boilermakers don’t just make boilers! They also fabricate and weld all kinds of metal structures and materials, essentially they work with and build anything made out of metal!

Boilermakers are skilled tradespeople who are crucial to the success of many industrial settings. Every day they are working with high-pressure systems and hot tools, making sure that all safety features are operating properly to prevent any harm coming to workers or nearby civilians. Without them, many essential facilities would not be able to function properly and efficiently.